Dem Senator Vows to “Get Rid Of ICE” & Pass Gun Reform WHEN Dems Gain Control of Congress (Video)


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand told attendees at OZY Fest, in NYC, that of the many items on the democrats socialists To-Do list getting rid of ICE is on the top of the list, should, or in her words, “WHEN” the party “flips the House and Senate”.

The socialists want to treat illegal aliens entering the US, who take advantage and pillage off of the social entitlement/ welfare system at tax payers expense, as a “humanitarian/ civil issue”! Illegals entering the US for free stuff because their countries SUCK is not a humanitarian issue, nor is the crime and violence they’re escaping. We have all the same problems here in the US socialists, who run said cities suffering couldn’t careless about. BUT they care about illegals because they equal votes, donations and political power.

Gillibrand’s second promise of reform is to go after gun rights, that isn’t getting as much attention as it should, as many are focusing on dems wanting to abolish ICE. Going after guns is number two on the list because socialists know they can’t get this country where they want so long as people are armed. So pass this law and that law, ban this and that, slowly chip away at 2A until before you know it the law still stands but they’ve made it impossible for anyone to own anything! Once people are disarmed then the socialists will really take a sledgehammer to the Constitution (Leftists HATE with every fiber of their being) and the US.

Normal Americans you better get off your asses and be more active this election cycle than your were in 2016. You see Kirsten actually left off the true first thing they’ll do if they flip the House and Senate = IMPEACH Trump, then Pence and install their own POTUS whomever Speaker will be! She knows none of these promises can happen if Trump is in the White House. These radicals holding political office will do everything in their power to remove him, all his appointees, from office.

The Left is dead serious and out for blood, do not dismiss clips like this. Consider all GOP candidates down by 10 points and act accordingly.


And lastly, as a fail safe, buy guns and ammo.