Unhinged Elizabeth Warren Supporter Arrested For Assaulting Her Senate Challenger (Video)


“I come from the land of Gandhi, you guys are violent people!”

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, an independent running against Sen Elizabeth Warren, was counter protesting Warren’s town hall meeting when one of her unhinged supporters couldn’t control himself from hearing the truth and proceeded to assault Ayyadurai. The last thing a Leftist wants to hear is someone educated, especially an actual Indian, spelling out what true racism is. That was all it took for this guy proudly wearing a shirt with LIBERAL across it to strike Ayyadurai’s megaphone hitting him in the mouth.

Ayyadurai in fact used Leftist tactics by calling these people white privileged, racists via a megaphone. To see one snap and lash out is not surprising, this is who they are. It doesn’t matter what age these monsters are, they will attack anyone who triggers them with the truth. This assault proves when these people have nothing left to say in their defense they resort to violence.

The tension between Normal Americans and these unhinged Leftists is escalating. There is no more room for civil debate with them, as THEY implement fascism, as Judge Pirro pointed out, while accusing the Right of being fascists. They want you to shut up, sit down and do what they say, otherwise you’ll take a shot to the mouth.. or worse.

Buy guns and ammo.