Judge Pirro: The Anger of Left in America is Out of Control (Video)


Judge Pirro addressed her recent appearance on The View in a wider scope as it is microcosm of the hatred in this country for Pres Trump and anyone who supports him. This hate has spun out of control to the point where people have ended relationships with friends and family over an election! Others have lost out on business opportunities and jobs because they do not have the same political ideology.

The anger of the Left in America is out of control as Pirro argues. Yes, Whoopi Goldberg it is at a level you’ve never seen but it is Leftists like yourself driving that hate! When obama was president members of his administration were never denied service, or asked to leave a business they were patronizing on their own personal time. They weren’t chased out of theaters, restaurants or had mobs camped out in front of their homes.

Consider this, fmr GW Bush Press Sec Ari Fleischer said after 9/11 he asked Secret Service if he should have protection with all the attacks and threats that followed that horrible day. The Secret Service told him “no”, he had nothing to worry about. Yet in 2018 Trump admin Press Sec Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has to have Secret Service protection not from the threat of islamic jihadists but from unhinged Leftists! Let that stew in your head for a minute….

The Left is actively attacking Pres Trump, many are wishing for his harm or death, now on a daily basis. When obama was POTUS people on the Right were not cheering for America to fail. Yes, many hoped for obama to fail , because his policies were quite destructive, but NEVER was there anyone rooting for the economy to crash. The Left is wishing for America’s demise, and by their words and actions they appear to be in favor of war with North Korea and Russia instead of Pres Trump making peace with them!

This is not normal behavior for ANYONE. We get it, we understand Leftists you don’t like Trump but to hope for your own country to fail, preferring war over peace… that’s sick!

This nonsense from the Left, this hatred for Trump which is felt by the people around him as well as supporters has to stop. It’s not republicans, conservatives or TEA Party activists throwing fits and attacking people, so to say “well it’s both sides” is bullshit. The Left needs to knock it off. They also need to understand these attacks at dissenting opinion to even silencing dissent is fascism. They claim people on the Right are fascists, but they aren’t the ones stopping people from speaking at universities, ending tv segments, or doing everything possible to destroy ones career over what they said.

Divisive “leaders”, like Maxine Waters, who are amping unhinged violent Leftists up need to be held responsible BUT also Congressional leaders. That’s right Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer you too are going to be held responsible if ANYTHING happens.