Unhinged Leftist Teen Faces Battery Charges Over Taking Classmates MAGA Hat (Video)


17-year-old Jo-Ann Butler is facing battery charges for taking a classmates MAGA hat and slapping her teacher! But hey America she was just making a political statement by committing simple assault and battery, that’s all. It’s racist and hateful to wear that hat, it creates a hostile “environment”!

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The only reason there’s hostility in the classroom, anywhere for that matter, is because Leftists cannot control themselves. They are violent and extremely dangerous, to be triggered over a hat…
a F_CKING HAT! They are the ones who make the “environment” hostile they believe we’re in. In reality what this little monster, and countless others just like her, did is self-fulfilling prophecy. They create the trigger to justify being unhinged violent monsters who should be caged up.

While looking this “story” up I came across this tweet.

According to this loon, and many like them, wearing a hat is “an act of aggression”!? Ya see! They look for an excuse to justify being violent. It’s no different from a rapist saying the hot woman asked for it because of the way she dressed! These people are seriously sick, to think they can hit someone.. touch someone over whatever the issue is.

Let me tell you libs something, and you better listen loud and clear. For YEARS you have been doing this shit, drawing first blood, assaulting people, vandalizing property etc. and the day is coming when those you attack aren’t just going to shrug it off, swat at or push you away, they’re going to hit back harder than you could possibly imagine. Yea you guys have been giving bloody noses out for far too long, but the day is coming when that knife you’re bringing to a fight is going to be met with equal or greater response…

[*If anyone has the original uncensored video that doesn’t look like it was shot with a potato camera post the link in comments]