AG Barr Keeping Rod Rosenstein in Power -‘Business as Usual at Deep State’


Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is the key player in the silent coup against Pres Trump at the Justice Dept who has been able to skate through without being held accountable. From FISA abuses to Mueller’s illegal appointment (a crime must be committed for Special Counsel to be appointed and launch and investigation) to never appearing before Congress to explain himself. All roads of the coup lead back to Rosenstein, he was the one who convinced for AG Sessions to recuse himself from just about everything, literally his entire job, while he worked with Deep State operatives to remove Trump from office.

AG Bill Barr KNOWS everything we know and much more so what does he do? He is keeping Rosenstein in power allowing ‘business as usual at Deep State’ vs firing him as Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton explained on “Lou Dobbs Tonight”.

Many prominent people (fmr law enforcement, federal attorneys etc) are confident Barr will bring justice to the swamp but IMO don’t hold your breath. He is a swamp monster like the rest of them. Consider this: Barr’s FIRST presser was to address fraud against elderly…. that’s the big case he’s working on since taking office!? He didn’t even make a statement about Mueller or the witch hunt. Yes, Barr during Trump’s “Veto ceremony” did support the Presidents declaration of a national emergency but actions speak louder than words. As of now the only actions we seen as keeping things status quo…