New Evidence Proves Obama KNEW Everything


We have known for a very long time obama knew everything, that he gave the order to spy on Trump in an attempted bloodless coup d’état. From Susan Rice’s CYA email/memo to herself on inauguration day, texts between Deep State operatives Strzok and Page where they say obama wants to know everything, declassified list of those who ordered Gen Flynn’s name to be unmasked, and Clapper going on air 4 times saying the worst president in US history gave the green light all roads always lead back to obama.

Now we have more evidence that proves without a shadow of doubt obama knew everything, as he was clearly calling the shots per these Peter Strzok notes released by the DOJ…

These notes not only confirm obama knew, but so did Beijing Biden who wanted to use the Logan Act (which has never been used) against Gen Flynn.

These people are absolutely corrupt, and the dems want to put Biden (who will go down in history as one of the most corrupt) back in the White House, which would mean more of this abuse of power under his regime.

Dunno what the DOJ/Durham investigation has or is waiting for? The longer they wait to go after people the worse the response will be as we get closer to the election. The media and masses, who are incredibly uninformed, will dismiss any major revelations and indictments as political ploys by Trump to win. That’s why this site has been demanding action NOW not an October Surprise, which is where we’re probably headed. Not to mention should Trump lose ALL OF THIS gets tossed in a shredder. Remember the Left truly believed Clinton would win and use her power to bury everything that’s now coming to light. What do you think will happen to all these investigations, indictments, hell the evidence, under a Biden regime if Trump loses? Yeah, now you can see how important this election actually is!