MoP: Biden Will Not Reconsider Orders That Killed Jobs Despite Union Criticism

The Minister of Propaganda told reporters the illegitimate occupant will not reconsider his multitude of orders that are job killers, regardless of the criticism from unions. Fear not maybe some jobs will come about in a few years in renewable energy that is working out so well in TX and CA, you’ll just have to figure our how to pay your bills in the mean time! It’s abundantly clear this regime is moving ahead with their America Last agenda, ceding economic power to our enemies… especially the CCP.

This should be a red flag to everyone there is a plan being run to deliver the final blows to the US economy. Progressives for years have been pushing irrational policies to wreck the US economy as well as tearing America apart. They’ve really held the line with these policies which must have something to do with whatever this machine is they’ve been building for years.

They want illegals granted amnesty and full rights, the US economy torched, capitalism laid to waste in the name of some insane global Great Reset. They really believe American’s will accept whatever this thing is which is why they want to disarm us soon so no one can stand up to them!