Rich & Famous Leftist Celebrities Kickoff ’99 Spring’ Campaign Against Capitalism

Zoe Kravitz, Olivia Wilde and Penn Badgleyhave joined the leftist movement LIE 99% Spring.

These young Hollywood DRONES have absolutely NO CLUE who they are getting into bed with. Many of the organizations/ groups taking part in this radical leftist movement are hardcore to say the least and yes many of them funded by Soros (whats new!).

These are just a few of the many radicals taking part:
Unions (UAW, Teamsters, USW, AFL-CIO, SEIU), Progressive Democrats of America, CODEPINK, Working Families Party, Color of Change, Rebuild the Dream,…

…and the list goes on and on. Some of the most hardcore VICIOUS groups and individuals you can think of are involved. The same ones who put together Occupy are behind this. You know the Occupy movement which was sooooooooo peaceful and civilized!

The groups involved with this 99% Spring want to bring our system down but because they have slick talkers like Van Jones leading the way they get swept up in the moment. Do you think Zoe, Olivia or Penn know Van Jones is a self avowed communist? Do you think they are aware that all these organizations get their money from George Soros, where the finance minister of Malaysia called him an economic terrorist!? Are they aware Soros has played a hand, at the least, of bringing down 4 economies?!

These children (useful idiots) and anyone else in Hollywood or corporate America want to get on board with this radical leftist movement all have a common weakness. They LOVE money! That said I cannot stress it enough for Americans to fight back in one of the simplest methods through boycotts. Or as Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck would say “making a personal choice not to buy or use a service or product from __”. The Hollywood drones and their corporate enablers must understand they are taking sides. Siding with radical dangerous organizations who are in fact against that which all Hollywood drones and corporatist love; money, wealth and CAPITALISM! So America I request you make a “personal choice” and not take part in anything that will put $1 in any of their pockets or the pockets of anyone they speak on behalf of. (Yes that goes for charities as well).

Saving the Republic requires Americans to do the hard things in life to stop the fundamental transformation of the USA. Even if it means doing things that could hurt charity or other organization that helps the less fortunate if they are tied to radicals like these Hollywood useful idiots