What Was the ‘Doomsday’ Plane Doing in Turkey?

Turkey keeps coming up as a common denominator when we hear about trouble in the middle east. The first phone call obama made when he became POTUS was to Turkey. On 9/11/12 before the attack in Benghazi Amb Chris Stevens met with the Turkish General Consul, same GC who has alleged ties to rebels and radical islamists active in Syria. Arms shipments that end up in Syria are shipped through Turkey.

You should know the “E-4Bs are extremely important. In the event of a war, a terrorist attack, an alien invasion and so on (hence the “doomsday plane” nickname), these aircraft are destined to keep the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other “decision makers” alive to direct nuclear (and conventional) forces, by receiving, verifying and relaying EAM (Emergency Action Messages).” ~ Aviationist

This E-4B 747 is like the war-time Air Force One… its main purpose as listed above is to maintain command and control if ground based centers are attacked or unavailable. One E-4B is in the air every 12 hours with another on alert status. This is the same plane that was seen over DC during the 9/11/01 attack in which all kinds of insane truther conspiracies were hatched.

So this leave one scratching their head as to what it’s doing in Turkey?!

We all know why and this government is going to start trouble that could very well lead to a major regional war and potential world war. Congress better cut their vacation short and put the brakes on his royal majesty before he get’s more people killed!