Justin Amash: GOP Establishment is Coming After Me to “Send a Message”

Ya know, I’m guilty of this, but can we stop calling them the GOP establishment and call them what they really are? Progressive republicans, who are targeting anyone in opposition to their radical agenda in fundamental transformation! Yes that’s right I just said prog repubs have the same agenda as the imperial emperor. As I wrote earlier they, progressives, all have the same end goal it’s just their delivery that is different. There is no difference between the McCain’s and Schumer’s or Christie’s and Clinton’s!

If you haven’t figured it out yet based on their policies, language, double talk, attack tactics etc democrats are socialists, republicans are democrats, BOTH are progressives. There are a few true blood repub conservatives like Amash, Cruz, Lee and possibly some true blood dems, but I couldn’t tell you who.

The McCain’s, Boehner’s, Graham’s, Pete King’s, McConnell’s etc etc aka GOP establishment aka progressives are targeting true conservatives and it’s not going to stop as long as these SOB’s are in office. 2014 could very well be one of our last shots to get rid of many of them. If you or someone you know is thinking of running for office, challenging these progressives seats, I suggest you get a move on it because time will not be on your side if you wait!