Judge Napolitano on DHS License Plate Database: Another Example a Presidential Overreaching, Will Monitor Every Move We Make

“…this is another example a presidential overreaching Heather the same president who directed the NSA to engage in all spying all the time has now directed the Department of Homeland Security to take pictures of every license plate in the United States of America..”,

“A watched society, a listened to society, a monitored society is afraid to be itself and a generation of young people will come up, your children, never knowing what privacy is.”

“…this procedure never authorized by the Congress imposed by the dictatorial instincts of the president himself will monitor every move we make..”

The second line quoted is crucial for people to hear and understand. What you are witnessing is social engineering. The progressives know they cannot control our generation so we are engaged in this back and forth battle over our rights. Meanwhile the power elites continue to socially engineer the next generation to fear govt, to comply and know their place in society. This is why we must fight because tyranny is being embedded very subtly into our daily lives under the radar as we get closer and closer to the loss of personal privacy and all freedoms. This is clearly Orwellian in nature as the power elites bring this nation another step closer to making 1984 or other fictional stories into reality! And who do we have to thank for more govt intrusion into our lives? The same criminal who promised in 2008 to fundamentally transform the US, only to deny it just a few weeks ago with Bill O’Reilly!

Those of you who swore an oath to protect and defend your silence over everything happening in the US is deplorable. You will have blood on your hands for your complicity in the destruction of the US.