Gaetz Exposes Gowdy For Denying GOP Subpoena Requests in 2018


Rep Matt Gaetz called fmr Rep Trey Gowdy out for denying GOP subpoena requests when he was the Oversight Cmte Chair 2018. The democrats subpoenaed people they wanted to speak with about the Russia investigation but now we learn it was Gowdy and Ryan preventing the GOP of having their opportunity to get answers from those involved in the attempted coup against Pres Trump!

This right here is Exhibit “A” as to why the content on this site changed. There used to be many posts about this Rep and that Senator blasting dems, certain judges rants too, some featured many times. So what happened? They’re all talk and no action.

Trey Gowdy was great thundering away on witnesses and calling out dems, just like other GOP members, in Congressional hearings, but nothing ever came of it. They had subpoena power, but weren’t subpoenaing people as Gaetz points out. As far as getting people prosecuted, they don’t have the power and IMO it’s why Gowdy, a prosecutor you can see old appearances of on investigative shows on the ID channel, resigned and went back to civilian life.

Paul Ryan was also a problem. Before he became one of “them”, he sounded great on financial issues BEFORE he was Romney’s running mate in 2012. But then after the ’12 loss he was practically MIA, where we were only to learn he was spending all his time behind the scenes working on amnesty with fmr dem Rep Luis Gutierrez! He changed, then became House Speaker doing an okay job, where again we learn from Gaetz he was sandbagging the GOP from getting answers.

It’s rarity for people to go to DC with the best intentions in the world only to get eaten alive by the machine (lobbyists) where they start changing their tune. Mike Lee is another example, he’s changed in his dealings with Google and working on immigration.

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These guys in Congress can’t be trusted the way we’d like to. It’s not about what they say it’s about what they do. Gaetz here does a lot of talking, look at what he does. Fact he outs Gowdy over this bs witch hunt is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean this site will post endless clips of him.

Look at what they do, not what they say. This is why people like/ love Trump. They know he has a mouth, he’s repetitive, talks a lot but he actually does what he says he’s going to do, far more than any other President or Congress member!

Gowdy has some explaining to do but it doesn’t matter now, he’s out of office. Let what he did be a warning to not put these people in Congress on a pedestal. Hold them to their word, demand results not talk and empty promises.