Biden LIES, He & His Party Have Repeatedly Called to Defund The Police

The old incompetent illegitimate individual constantly lies in every single speech it gives. Now that the FBI’s betrayal to America is complete and on full display, the old fool ran his mouth about supporting and funding law enforcement…

Now keep in mind this monster continues to lie that everything the Left is doing the Right/ “MAGA Republicans” are guilty of, including wanting to defund law enforcement, but it is his own party that has been rabid over defunding the police! Here is 7 minutes of them calling to defund the police

Here’s the old fool in July 2020 making it clear police, in their current state, have ‘become the enemy’ and he ‘absolutely’ supports cutting their funding….

Biden Claims Trump is Only One Calling to Defund the Police
Biden Urges Dems to Hide Calls to Defund the Police Until After Georgia Senate Runoffs

As of today progressives still control the election system and counting ballots, so a repeat of 2020 is most likely, and probably why Trump has yet to throw his hat in while this old demon has for 2024.
It is going to take an act of God for republicans/ conservatives to get a large enough majority in Congress to stop this walking disaster and puppet of the monster 0bama.