Biden Declares War Against 80M Americans

The illegitimate dementia ridden wannabe dictator gave what is being called the most divisive speech by a US President.

The monster’s (0bama) puppet filled with absolute rage and hate took a page from his idols of early 20th C. declaring republicans, conservatives, MAGA/ Trump supporters a threat to America.

Thats right because you respect the American Flag and Constitution, want law and order, border security, children to not be indoctrinated and allowed to develop as they choose, fiscal/ social/ personal responsibility, energy independence etc you are a threat to “democracy”. Fact this monster calls the US a democracy (majority rule aka mob rule) disqualifies anything he says because the US is a Republic, governed by the rule of law.

Everything spewed against 80M Americans this living breathing demon (who will be ref’d to as Darth Robinette), and its ilk are actually doing. They are the fascists, look at what they do daily silencing people for thinking differently, making threats to those they disagree with etc. They are the ones dividing America destroying every facet of America with their radical destructive agenda that will… listen closely.. WILL result in mass carnage and deaths.

If you’re on the Right you need to understand from the Left’s view you are no different from criminals, evildoers and terrorists. You better get out and vote, NO ONE cares if the guy/girl you wanted in the primaries didn’t win, you need to vote for whomever is on the republican/conservative ticket. Dems do it, they vote for whoever is on the ticket, they don’t whine and complain, nor be spiteful and not vote like many on the Right.

Dana Loesch spelled it out…

My tweet she ref’d to…

And you better get involved with your election system to put so much pressure on progressives they’ll think twice before trying to pull another 2020.

Also HAMMER the GOP in Congress to stop acting like pussies and start fighting otherwise “you” will vote for the other guy next time primaries roll around. PUT THE FEAR OF GOD in the GOP to start doing what “We” hired them to do!!

Lastly, buy guns, ammo, STANDARD CAPACITY (aka high capacity) MAGAzines