Evil Ginger Demon Threatens Civil War If IT’s Party Doesn’t Win the Election

Washed up has been “comedian,” and Evil Ginger Demon, Kathy Griffin posted on twitter there will be civil war if people vote for republicans.

Naturally the Evil Ginger Demon is trying to make excuses but she meant what she said and it’s her ilk that talk about civil war all the time.

One could definitely make the argument IT is piggy0backing off the rhetoric of obama’s puppet the other day when he called had the country a national security threat to America.

FYI this is a clear example of voter intimidation per 18 U.S. Code § 594- Intimidation of voters.

The Left is terrified republicans and conservatives will win majority but lets be honest progressives still control the election system and counting ballots so it will be an act of God if the Evil Ginger Demon’s nightmare comes true.

These monsters are looking for any excuse for armed conflict, they truly believe when SHTF and the dust settles they will be left standing on top of the rubble with their arms out for all to follow them into the Liberal World Order. The people who don’t know which bathroom to use and get hysterical over anything, from a PopTart to a stick, that resembles a gun THINK they’ll win a civil war against the very same people they viciously attack and mock for being pro-gun and Second Amendment!

This country will repeat 1861-65, it will be a mess but it will be over faster than it was started, and this time around the job will be finished!

Buy guns, ammo and standard capacity MAGAzines.