MSDNC Panel Links Bundy to Ryan, Republicans

Race hustlers over at MSDNC are capitalizing off of Cliven Bundy’s controversial racial statements. It wouldn’t be complete without honorary race hustler and CAIR agent Rep Keith Ellison chiming in along with propagandist Jonathan Alter making the outlandish connection between Bundy’s statements and those of Rep Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment which was taken out of context.

The left is so desperate to create racial division in the country because they equate to money and power via the ballot. That is all they care about, it’s all they ever cared about. You would think minorities would wake up as many did in Chicago realizing those who “speak on their behalf” are the ones responsible for keeping them down and out. But the left has done an excellent job with the propaganda and indoctrination they know they can milk the race card for all it’s worth!